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Due to China's remarkable achievements in epidemic prevention, control and the gradual restoration of economic and social order, it is expected that China's air transport industry will recover faster than major foreign markets, especially the inland air routes. To meet the demand for increased transportation, the fleet size of Chinese airlines will reach 8,854 aircraft by the end of 2039, including 645 cargo aircraft. To take into account fleet growth and replacement of aging aircraft, China will need to replenish 7,576 civilian aircraft of all types over the next 20 years, including 1,598 wide-body jets, 5,080 narrow-body jets and 898 regional jets.

On the other hand, as the delivery of ARJ21 aircraft increases year by year, the C919 is about to be put into operation, and the development results of C929 are encouraging, China's civil aircraft industry is entering an accelerated take-off period. Operation support technology is the link and bridge between the civil aircraft manufacturing industry and the aviation industry, covering the whole life cycle of the aircraft, is the organic combination of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and the extension of the civil aircraft industry chain and value chain. It plays an important driving role in the development of the upstream and downstream links of the aviation industry such as aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, and helps the civil aircraft industry to upgrade technology, expand the industry and enhance the market competitiveness.


民用飞机运行支持保障体系建设指导建议 Guidance and Suggestions on Construction of Civil Aircraft Operation Support System
中欧双边航空安全协议解读,未来 将如何影响航空业? Interpretation of China-Europe Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement, How will it Affect Aviation Industry in Future?
进口关税下调,航空公司应如何优化航材保障? How to Optimize Aviation Supplies Support when Import Tariff Decline?
茶歇&交流 Coffee Break & Networking
国产民机交付后的持续运行支持 Continuous Operation Support of Domestic Civil Aircraft after Delivery
后疫情时代,空客未来发展规划及其中国市场分析 Airbus' Future Development Plan and Its China's Market Analysis in Post-epidemic Era
波音机队运维管理及未来战略规划 Boeing Fleet Operations Management and Future Strategic Planning
自助午餐&午休 Luncheon Buffet
案例分享-数字化技术在飞机运行支持体系中的应用 Case Sharing - Application of Digital Technology in Aircraft Operation Support System
飞机发动机健康管理系统建设 Construction of Aircraft Engine Health Management System
海航航材国内大循环成果分享及延伸讨论 Domestic Systemic Circulation Achievement Sharing of HNA Aviation Supplies and Further Discussion
茶歇&交流 Coffee Break & Networking
无人机巡检、AGV小车-人工智能在飞机维修中的实际应用 Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence in Aircraft Maintenance: UAV Patrol Inspection, AGV Trolley
AR助力飞机维修中国民航进入“智修时代” AR Technology Push China’s Civil Aviation Step into “Intelligent Maintenance Era”
航材信息共享及互援助力航司高效运转 Aviation Supplies Sharing and Mutual Assistant Helps Enhance Airlines Efficient Operation
DMDOR设计-有效提升机务维修能力 DMDOR Design - Effectively Improves Maintenance Capability
全机队无过站放行运行能力建设 Capacity Construction of All Fleet Non-released during Transit
摇臂式机器人-提升效率,降低成本的有效工具 Rocker-type Robot- An Effective Tool to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost
茶歇&交流 Coffee Break & Networking
基于发动机性能的维修方案设计及提效探讨 Maintenance Design and Effect-raising Based on Engine Performance
预测性维修技术的应用及挑战 Applications and Challenges of Predictive Maintenance Technology
民机产业与机务维修的协同发展 Collaborative Development of Civil Aircraft Industry and Maintenance
自助午餐&午休 Luncheon Buffet
国产民机航材数据支持体系建设 Data Support System Construction for Domestic Civil Aircraft Supplies
飞机维修保障远程技术,5G通讯新场景应用 Remote Technology on Aircraft Maintenance and Support , 5G Communication New Scenario Application
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