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During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China's aviation logistics has achieved good results in terms of development scale, route network and safety guarantee. The average annual growth rate of freight and mail transportation volume and freight turnover was 2.2 percentage points and 6.5 percentage points higher than that of the world, respectively. By the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan", China's air cargo flights reached 237 domestic cities (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and connected 153 cities in 62 countries and regions, including 26 countries and regions with full cargo flights.

Recently, the "14th Five-Year Plan" for Aviation logistics Development (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") was officially released, which is the first time that China's civil aviation has formulated a special plan for aviation logistics development, which will provide guidance for building a high-quality, efficient, autonomous and controllable aviation logistics system. According to the Plan, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China's aviation logistics should take promoting high-quality development as the theme, cost reduction and efficiency improvement as the core, adhere to the bottom line of safe development and the main line of smart civil aviation construction, and accelerate the structural reform of the supply side of aviation logistics. By 2025, an aviation logistics system that is safe, smart, efficient and green will be initially established. Its support capacity will be significantly enhanced, and its autonomous and controllable capacity will be significantly enhanced. The capacity of aviation logistics to serve high-end manufacturing, postal delivery, cross-border e-commerce and other industries will continue to improve. With the issuance and implementation of the Plan, CAAC will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional air cargo to modern aviation logistics, and strive to build an independent, controllable, safe and reliable aviation logistics industry chain and supply chain.


《“十四五”航空物流发展专项规划》解读 Interpretation of "14th Five-Year Plan" Aviation Logistics Development Special Plan
疫情常态化下全球航空货运市场发展研究Research on the Development of the Global Air Cargo Market under the Normalization of the Epidemic
航空货运枢纽发展战略及路径探究Research on the Development Strategy and Path of Air Cargo Hub
茶歇&互动 Coffee Break & Networking
如何加速航空货运与产业链深度融合How to Accelerate the Deep Integration of Air Cargo and Industrial Chain
航空物流数字化发展Digital Development of Aviation Logistics
全球航空物流安全发展趋势Development Trend of Global Aviation Logistics Security
自助午餐Luncheon Buffet
关于推动危险品航空运输的高质量发展Promoting the High-quality Development of the Air Transport of Dangerous Goods
航空运输新型风险识别管控能力建设及提升Building and Improving the Capacity of Identification and Management of New Air Transport Risks
航空货运:数据驱动安全Air Cargo: Data-driven Security
茶歇&互动 Coffee Break & Networking
创新安保模式推动国际航空物流业发展Innovate Security Models to Promote the Development of International Aviation Logistics Industry
无人机作为大型货运载体给航空业带来的机遇 Opportunities for the Aviation Industry brought by UAV as Large Cargo Carriers
物流智能化技术应用创新案例Innovative Cases of Intelligent Logistics Technology Application
航空货运未来“低碳”之路A "Low Carbon" Future for Air Cargo
云技术助力智慧航空物流高效运作Cloud Technology helps the Efficient Operation of Aviation Smart Logistics
茶歇&互动 Coffee Break & Networking
人工智能在货运航空业的应用及发展Application and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Cargo Aviation Industry
临空经济与航空物流的协同发展 Coordinated Development of Airport Economy and Aviation Logistics
跨境电商助力航空物流业高品质提升Cross-border E-commerce helps Improve the Quality of the Aviation Logistics Industry
自助午餐Luncheon Buffet
提升国际航空货运能力,稳定全球防疫物资供应链部署Enhance International Air Cargo Capacity and Stabilize the Global Supply Chain Deployment of Epidemic Prevention Materials
多方合作,助力航空物流产业链全面升级Multi-party Cooperation to Promote the Comprehensive Upgrading of Aviation Logistics Industry Chain


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