Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. formerly known as the Conference Department of the Organizing Committee of the Shanghai Airshow, has successfully expanded its presence into conference service and become a provider of consulting service for aerospace manufacturing summits and different kinds of trainings for enterprises since its successful hosting of the first China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Summit in 2009. The Company would undertake over 10 international conferences and serve more than 3000 professional managers from world-noted enterprises a year, and has ever won support from the Development Research Center of the State Council, Department of Equipment Industry of Ministry of industry and Information Technology, Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Department of CAAC, Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC, Aviation Industry Corporation of China and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. and other relevant government organizations and enterprises for its activities.

The Company completed its strategic and business adjustment in 2012 to concentrate more on the provision of professional industry information, strategy consulting, media advertising and conference service for the aviation industry. Boasting a powerful consultant team consisting of high-ranking officials from the authorities of the industry, famous scholars and professionals of the trade, the Company aims to being the leader of the aviation service in domestic market by providing all-round and multi-field one-stop professional service for customers of the aviation manufacture industry.

The Company has partners from the Asian-Pacific Region, the U.S., the UK, France and other European and American countries, such as BDLI from Germany, NAG from Netherlands, AAI from Austria, EUROCAE from UN, AIAA, IEEE AESS and IAEA from the U.S., SJAC from Japan and UAI from Russia.

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  • November 17, 2022

  • November 18, 2022

November 17, 2022

航空工业国际论坛China Aviation Industry Summit

8:50 AM - 9:00 AM
论坛开幕式&领导致辞 Opening Ceremony & Leaders' Speeches
Shanghai Society of Aeronautics、
AVIC Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.、
Shaanxi Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics、
Guizhou Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
9:00 AM - 9:25 AM
“十四五”航空规划解读,地方政府应如何借助政策及地缘优势培育并发展未来航空经济产业 Interpretation of the 14th Five-Year Aviation Plan, How Should Local Governments Cultivate and Develop the Future Aviation Economy and Industry with the Help of Policies and Geographical Advantages
Development Research Centre of the State Council
9:25 AM - 9:50 AM
民用飞机重大技术装备的发展和自主创新的规划 Development of Major Technologies and Equipment for Civil Aircraft and Plan for Independent Innovation
No. 2 Department of equipment industry, Ministry of industry and information technology
9:50 AM - 10:15 AM
航空器适航审定要求的解读 Interpretation of the Requirements of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification
Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Department of CAAC
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
茶歇 & 互动交流Coffee Break & Interaction
10:45 AM - 11:10 AM
中国商飞的国产供应链发展与布局 Comac's Development and Layout of Domestic Supply Chain
Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China,Ltd.
11:10 AM - 11:35 AM
航空工业集团航空制造产业发展的布局 Layout of Aviation Manufacturing Industry Development of AVIC
Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd.
11:35 AM - 12:00 PM
数字化技术助力中国民机产业进入“智能制造” Digital Technology Helps China’s Civil Aircraft Industry Enter the "Era of Intelligent Manufacturing"
Technical Report
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
自助午餐 & 午休Luncheon Buffet
1:30 PM - 1:55 PM
中型民用运输机未来发展的思考 Thoughts on the Future Development of Medium Civil Transport Aircraft
航空工业陕西飞机工业(集团)有限公司AVIC Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
1:55 PM - 2:20 PM
外企在华供应链的本地化进展 Localization of Foreign Enterprises' Supply Chain in China
2:20 PM - 2:45 PM
在华恢复交付737MAX客机对民机产业链带来的变化 Changes in the Civil Aircraft Industry Chain Brought by the Resumption of Delivery of 737max Aircraft in China
2:45 PM - 3:10 PM
民用飞机的数字化技术体系建设 Construction of Digital Technology System for Civil Aircraft
Technical Report
3:10 PM - 3:40 PM
茶歇 & 互动交流Coffee Break & Interaction
3:40 PM - 4:25 PM
3D打印技术在国产民机制造中的应用Application of 3D Printing Technology in Domestic Civil Aircraft Manufacturing
AVIC The First Aircraft Institute、
China Aviation General Aircraft Research Institute Co., Ltd.、
AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Company Ltd.、
Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry co.,Ltd.、
Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre Co.,Ltd.、
BoeingTianjin Composites Co., Ltd.
4:25 PM - 4:50 PM
护航国产大飞机,助力追寻中国梦Escort Domestic Large Aircraft to Help Pursue the Chinese Dream
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute
4:50 PM - 5:15 PM
推进民用航空电子系统研发的自主创新 Promote Independent Innovation in Civil Avionics System Research and Development
China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute
5:15 PM - 5:40 PM
国产民机的航空工业质量建设 Aviation Industry Quality Construction of Domestic Civil Aircraft
NCS Testing Technology Co.,Ltd.
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

航空产业质量基础设施建设技术论坛Aviation Industry Quality Infrastructure Construction Technology Forum

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