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The civil aviation transport market has ushered in a significant recovery. The Civil Aviation Administration of China aims to strive to recover to the overall level of 75% before the epidemic in 2023 with orderly recovery of the international aviation market, and strive to complete the total transport turnover of 97.6 billion ton kilometers, passenger traffic of 460 million passengers and cargo and mail traffic of 6.17 million tons, and aim to achieve break-even.

In the 14th Five-Year Plan, CAAC focuses on the construction of intelligent civil aviation, and proposes to accelerate the expansion of 5G, big data, blockchain, AI, Beidou system and other technologies in civil aviation. CAAC promotes the upgrading of network infrastructure in three ways: First, upgrade the traditional satellite technology to high-throughput satellite communication technology; Second, upgrade the ATG system from 4G to 5G technology in combination with the new 5G infrastructure; Third, optimize the existing network structure and enhance the network coverage.

Moreover, the CAAC released the China Civil Aviation New Generation Aviation Broadband Communication Technology Roadmap proposed to promote the application of new-generation broadband connectivity and facilitate the digital transformation of civil aviation. First, the forecabin safety data transmission, to achieve real-time interoperability of civil airliner forecabin data with ATC, airlines and aircraft manufacturers to improve flight safety. Second, the rear cabin Internet access, to build digital cabin, to provide passengers with high-speed rate, low time delay in-flight Internet experience, such as instant messaging, interactive games, live streaming, etc. Furthermore, combined with 5G network to actively build a world-class modern civil aviation communication infrastructure system to help the construction and operation of intelligent civil aviation transportation system.

Against this background, the 2023 Aviation Digital Operation Congress is scheduled to be held in Haikou City, Hainan Province from September 5th to 6th 2023. The theme is Digital Empowerment, Upgrade the Connectivity, gathering airlines, telecom operators, Web technology platform, satellite companies, system providers, etc. The congress will focus on satellite connectivity, ATG connectivity, integrated electronic flight book, digital management of operation and control, front and rear cabin expansion application, aircraft ground collaborative digital service and exploration of new cockpit digital technology and in-flight technology. Thus, to improve aircraft operation safety, efficiency and production organization capacity, and promote high-quality development of civil aviation.

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