Aviation industry is a typical high-end manufacturing industry with intensive technical knowledge and high added value, which is the embodiment of the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. After years of development, aviation industry has become a strategic, comprehensive, high technology, high investment, high risk, high return of emerging enterprises, is one of the signs of China's comprehensive national strength. The aviation industrial content covers aviation engineering, aviation manufacturing, aviation transport, aviation services and other fields, has formed a sound development of the industrial chain, is one of the focus of economic benefit competition. It not only reflects national interests, but also serves as an important basis for strengthening and consolidating, and plays a pivotal role in national security and development.

As China's economy enters a new period of structural transformation and upgrading, air passenger traffic will grow by an average of 4% a year in the next 20 years. By 2039, the global civil aviation fleet will increase to 48,400, and the center of gravity of growth is Asia, especially China, over the next 20 years, China's civil aviation industry will deliver an additional 8,600 passenger aircraft.

Now is the key period to accelerate the rapid development of China's aviation industry, but also the aviation industry to achieve leap-forward development of the critical period. Seize the opportunity, aim at the target, with the good trend of domestic policy and open cooperation at home and abroad, to contribute to the development of aviation industry.


Yudong DENG

President at AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Company Ltd.


President at AVIC Digital Center (AVIC Digital Corporation Ltd.)

Jianxin ZHU

Vice President at AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd.


Chief Technologist at AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co.,Ltd.

Zhihong WANG

Deputy Director, Manufacturing Data Center of the Engineering Technology Center at AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.


Vice President of Procurement at Airbus China


Marketing Manager at Embraer China

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