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Opening Ceremony
Research On Manufacturing Technology Of Laser Additive Manufacturing For Metal Large Complex Key Components Of Civil Aircraft
Independent R&D And Innovation Of Composite Material And Its Forming Equipment
Airworthiness Certification Of Civil Aeronautical Materials and Special Process
Coffee Break & Networking
Application And Challenge Of Advanced Metal Alloys In Aircraft Structural Weight Reduction Design
Development Status Of Titanium Alloy Laser Additive Manufacturing In COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing CO., LTD.
Application Example Analysis And Technical Difficulties Breakthrough Of Aero-engine Additive Manufacturing Technology
Luncheon Buffet
Consideration On The Forming Method / Process Selection Of Super Large Size Composite Material Parts (Special Structural Parts)
The Application Demand and Challenge of  Silicon Carbide Ceramic Matrix Composite in Aero-engine
Numerical Control Machining Speeds up The Delivery Rate of Aircraft Parts, faster and smarter
Research on Structural Design of Advanced Composite Materials
Coffee Break & Networking
Aircraft Interior Design And Material Application Requirements
Process Description And Material Characteristics Of The Composite Materials Non Autoclave Process
Research On Superalloy Additive Manufacturing Technology on Aero-engine
Panel Discussion

Design For Manufacturing On Composite Material

Development Of Shot Peen Forming And Strengthening Technology In The Aviation Field
Advances and Challenges in Aviation Fatigue Technology
Research Process And Product Application Of Corrosion And Protection Of Aeronautical Materials
Coffee Break & Networking
New Generation Key Technology Of Superalloy Is To Get Through The Advanced Superalloy Preparation Process
Application And Development Trend Of Superalloy Non-destructive Testing Technology For Key Components Of High-end Equipment
Advanced Aluminum Processing Technology Is Applied To The Aviation Field
To Create An Aircraft Interior With Flame Retardance, Comfortability, Safety And Low Cost
Luncheon Buffet
Application Trend Of Key Forging On Airframe
Special Machining Technology Solutions For Hard Machining Materials In Aerospace
Surface Strengthening Of Aluminum-Lithium Alloy In Forming Process
Coffee Break & Networking
Research on Automated Fiber Placement & Automated Tape Laying Technology For Composites
Improve The Production Level Of Titanium Alloy Rods And Wires, And Facilitate The Development Of Titanium Materials For Aviation
Building Lightweight, High-Strength Aviation Seats For Aircraft
Higher Performance And Reliability Of Cutting Tools Used In Aviation