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另一方面,中国是全球第二大航空市场。根据国际航空运输协会的预测,中国将会在2022年左右取代美国成为全球第一大航空市场。面对这样一个巨大市场,机上Wi-Fi不仅成为提升旅客体验、增强常旅客忠诚度的"good to have",最成为油价飙升、竞争白热化环境下,国内各大航空公司新的赢利蓝海和"must have"。


CAAC suggested in its draft implementation plan for accelerating air Internet access that all domestic aviation departments complete 60% of the overall plan for air Internet access services by the end of 2020 and strive to cover the entire fleet by 2022. Feng zhenglin, deputy general of CAAC, also said at this year's National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference that he would continue to promote in-flight wi-fi technology in the coming years. For airlines, developing in-flight wi-fi is a trend.

On the other hand, China is the world's second largest aviation market. According to the prediction of IATA, China will overtake the United States as the world's largest aviation market around 2022. In the face of such a huge market, in-flight wi-fi has not only become a "good to have" to enhance the passenger experience and strengthen the loyalty of frequent fliers, but also become a new blue ocean of profits and a "must have" for major domestic airlines in the context of soaring oil prices and white-hot competition.

In just two years, more than 2,000 aircraft in China will be equipped with in-flight wi-fi, doubling in three years. Based on the size of the new civil aviation aircraft in China, the size of the fleet in 2022 will approach 5,000 . New equipment and the demand of the system is only a small piece of the market, China civil aviation transportation passenger quantity has 610 million visitors in 2018, If the average person flies 2.5 hours, that's more than 1.5 billion hours a year, who can attract this group of high quality flight passengers fly time , then open up a vast market will undoubtedly.



副总经理Deputy General Manager at 东方航空电子商务有限公司 China Eastern Airlines E-commerce Co., Ltd

Thorsten Robrecht

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ATG产品总经理 GM of ATG Product at 中兴通讯 ZTE

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