June 22 & 23, 2021 (GMT+8)

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Chateau Star River Shanghai China

No. 3799, Du Hui Road, Minhang District
Shanghai Shi, China

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Day 1

( 2021-06-22 )

Day 2

( 2021-06-23 )

9 AM

Aviation 14th Five-Year Plan Lay Out, Pay Attention to the Development of Avionics Industry, Improve the Capability of Independent R&D

9:20 AM

Pay Attention to the Industry / Industrial System Capacity Building, Effectively Improve China’s Airworthiness Certification Ability

9:40 AM

Future Development of Digital Aircraft

10:20 AM

Coffee Break & Networking

10:50 AM

Aircraft OEM View - Carrying Out Interdisciplinary Exchanges, Using New Technologies, New Ideas to Enhance the Independent and Controllable R&D Integration Capability of Avionics System

11:15 AM

Advanced Avionics Architecture for “Internet Aircraft” and Its Application Outlook

11:40 AM

Design Consideration and Verification of eVTOL Avionics System

12:05 PM

Luncheon Buffet & Break

2 PM

Avionics System Simulation Platform Requirements and Interface Development and Management

2:25 PM

Modeling and Simulation of Airborne Large-scale Complex Systems

2:50 PM

Application and Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (Technology)

3:15 PM

Commercial Aircraft Single Pilot Mode, Architecture and Technology Research

3:40 PM

Coffee Break & Networking

4:10 PM

Design of Automatic Test and Management for Avionics System of Civil Aircraft

4:35 PM

5:25 PM

Application and Development Trend of Advanced Avionics System for Regional Airliner and Civil Helicopter

9 AM

Research on Airworthiness Standards of Airborne Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware

10:30 AM

Coffee Break & Networking

11 AM

Current Status and Prospect of Airworthiness Verification Technology of Airborne Software

12:30 PM

Luncheon Buffet & Break

2 PM

Airworthiness Engineering Methods of Airborne Electronic Products

3 PM

Design And Verification Of Airborne Software And Hardware

4 PM

Coffee Break & Networking

4:30 PM

5:30 PM

Development Tool Identification