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Opening Ceremony & Welcome Address
Adhere to Independent Innovation, Attach Importance to Collaborative Sharing, Improve the Core Technology R&D Capacity of Gas Turbine Engine in China
Industry and Technology will Deep Cooperation, Intelligently Tackling and Cluster Development in the Field of Aero-engine
Intelligent Processing Application of Complex Components Based on Digital Twin
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Status and Progress of Semi-physical Simulation of Aero-engine
The Relability Digital Twin and Environment Digital Twin Models of Aero-engine are Constantly Revised to Improve the Accuracy of Digital Twin Models
Based on the Continuous Improvement of MBSE Project Maturity, MBSE will Form a Complete System of Development Processes and Standard
Full Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Aero-engine, to Improve the Sucess Rate of Engine Design
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With the use of Supercomputers, the Depth and Breadth of Design Effect Verification are Increased, and the Overall Innovation Level is Rapidly Improved
The Positive Effect of 5G Network on Aero-engine Parts Production -- High Precision, High Safety, High Efficiency
The Research Progress of Aero-engine’s Aeroacoustics
Application of Digitalization in General Aviation Turbo-Propeller Engine Market
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The Technology of Aircraft Engine Assembly is Developing to Digitalization, Automation and Intelligence
ACE Technology will Promote the Maturity and Application of the Integrated Control Technology of Flying and Departing
The Present Situation and Development of Directional Solidification Modeling and Simulation System for Superalloy Blades of Aero-engine
With Assembly Mechanics Simulation as the Main Content, the Complex Assembly Deformation, the Formation of Rotor Structure Parameters and Correlation Mechanism Are Studied
By Collecting Data and Modifying the Model, the Reliability of Prediction Accuracy in the Production Process can be Improved
Crack Detection Technology of Aero-engine Blade -- Ultrasonic Infrared Thermography
Development of Intelligent Vibration Fault Monitoring for Aero-engine
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Advanced Design Simulation Tools Reduce the Time and Cost of Gas Turbine Preliminary Testing
Traveling Wave Resonance Test of Bevel Gear of Central Drive of Aero-engine Based on Acoustic Measurement
Application of Virtual Instrument Technology in Ground Inspection of Aero-engine
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The Aero-engine Virtual Twin Helps Manufactures Keep Track of Engine Performance for Further Real-time Evaluation
Use “Digital Twin” to Reduce Errors or Risks that can Occur when Operating a Physical Engine
Numerical Simulation of Through-flow of a Turbofan Engine Based on time Propulsion
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Through the Construction of the Aero-engine Integrated R&D Platform, to Establish an Integrated and Coordinated Collaborative Management System
Simulation Data of Aero-engine Performance Parameters are Calculated and Collected
Recovery Phase of the Reliability Digital Twin, will Form a Closed Loop, Accelerating the Engine Development Cycle